Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How to keep a rabbit cool

We are in the middle of the summer and the high temperature makes the lives of our bunnies difficult. Because of this, we want to keep the temperature of their room under 24C or 75F. Even inside the house, if we don't have air conditioning is hard to keep it that cool so I have a list of tips to help you keep your rabbit cool.

  • Shade. Makes sure your rabbit is out of the sun.
  • Use fans to cool your rabbit. 
  • Frozen water bottle. Use a frozen bottle and your bunny might decide to sit next to it.
  • Brush his fur.
  • Give your bunny vegetables.

Rabbit overheating symptoms:

  • Unusual fast breathing
  • Reddening of the ears. The inside of his ears appear to be red.
  • Weakness

How to treat an overheated bunny:

  • Mist his ears with cool water.
  • Give him fresh water and vegetables.
  • Make the steps above to keep cool your bunny.
  • See your veterinarian.