Monday, July 25, 2016

Keep your bunny happy


Once someone has taken care about the basic needs of his bunny it is time to make some things to keep him happy while he is on his cage alone or in the rest of the house with you.

Here is a list with thing that bunnies love doing:

  • Bunnies love chewing.
  • Bunnies love exploring
  • Bunnies love to climb.
  • Bunnies love to dig.
  • Bunnies love to sniff and taste new things.
  • Bunnies love human company or living with other animals.
Bunnies enjoy doing their natural behaviors like climbing, jumping, leaping, and digging. Have fun when they are not kept from seeking and being curious, looking for new things to chew and running around.

The easiest way to allow bunnies to perform their normals behaviors is to offer them objects that we don't use and toys.

Toys are easy to make or cheap to buy.
Some examples are the following:

Chew toys: Paper or cardboard.

Dig toys: Build a digging box, take a big cardboard box and fill it with shredded paper of some sort or any paper based packing material.

Climb toys: Offer small step stools of metal or unpainted wood.

If you have plenty of free time, then you could exploit it for constructing innovative bunnie toys and, why not, share them with us!